Securing Critical Infrastructures And Key Assets
      34% of ICS operators believe their systems have been breached more than twice in the past 12 months
      32% of ICS operators indicate their control system assets or networks had been infiltrated or infected at some point   
44% of ICS operators       
were unable to identify the source of the infiltration
What We Do
ICS/SCADA systems and Core Telecom Networks constitute the most (mission) critical part of a national or international economic and industrial infrastructure.
With the standardisation of the control components as well as TCP/IP as the communications protocol in the1980s, these critical systems started to inherit vulnerabilities and become exposed to threats common in these systems.
CyberNoesis, having realised early on, that the risks affecting these critical infrastructures were increasing geometrically, has built a portfolio of services and products with the sole purpose of assessing, protecting and monitoring these critical assets.  
ICS / SCADA Security
Core Telecom Security
ICS and SCADA are the most critical components of todays industrial, communications, transportation, energy and energy distribution networks.
CyberNoesis has extensive experience and expertise in securing Critical Infrastructure Systems and Networks. We have proven methodologies for conducting penetration testing and vulnerability assessments safely on production control systems as well as testbed/sandbox systems.
Today, mobile networks are the most dynamic part of critical communication infrastructures and the key instrument used to perform daily activities ranging from voice and text messaging to providing signaling for emergency services and critical infrastructure.
Considering the increasing number of threats affecting the telecom networks, CyberNoesis has developed assessment methodologies to ensure the security of SS7/SIGTRAN systems.
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